Международный научный журнал «Аграрное образование и наука»

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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Need of Eurasian humanitarian innovative technology: the clash of civilizations and global projects in higher education in Russia

S. N. Nekrasov, V. A. Molchanov

Innovative technologies and interactive forms of education begin to play a leading role in structuring of the content of broadcast and newly formed knowledge that destroys the contents of knowledge.

In order to understand society it is necessary to have science, methodologically and conceptually adequate to this society, independent of Western or Eastern traditionalist schemes. It is also necessary to have social science – or rather, social classification of science for each major historical system. For each system should be set up its own conceptual framework, set of disciplines, language.

The system of higher education requires a fundamentally new science of Russia, the West, other social systems and integrated Eurasian scientific transitional humanitarian discipline, making these sciences universal. They especially need innovative technologies and forms of learning in a period of domestic neoindustrializm. There is an urgent need to create a real social science and use it as a weapon in the struggle against foreign humanitarian technologies. Humanitarian technologies will be the main weapon in the battles for postcapitalist future in the XXI century.


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