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Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Improving of independent work of students of agricultural specialties in the new educational paradigm

A. N. Maslyuk

The article deals with the model of the organization of independent work of students using a real computer program «Korm Optima». There are presented the results of its implementation in the process of studying the issues of feeding by students of agricultural specialties.

The ongoing shift from paradigm of teaching to the paradigm of education requires an orientation on active methods of mastering knowledge, the transition to the individualized training tailored to the needs and capabilities of the individual. Active independent work helps students to gain experience of creative, research and social evaluation. Today new promising kinds of self-study are active and interactive learning. They include the conduct of laboratory and practical exercises using software complex «Korm Optima», intended to produce the balanced feed ration. The software package is used in cattle, swine, poultry farms and feed mills in Russia and near abroad countries. Working with it requires knowledge of the theory of animal feed, given by the lectures or mastered yourself. Role of the teacher in the learning process is changing: its activity goes into activity of learners themselves, and the function of the teacher as an organizer of training – in the external control of the process of learning and the promotion of students. The students receive a certain independence from the teacher, as they can use the program on their own in a convenient time.


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