Международный научный журнал «Аграрное образование и наука»

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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

The Urals State Agrarian University – university of innovative development

I. M. Donnik, B. A. Voronin, O. G. Loretts

The article describes the Urals State Agrarian University (formerly – Urals State Academy of Agriculture) from the point of view of the innovative character of its activities. There are considered the educational activities of the university, specified levels of training, faculties, are given data on educational programs.

The authors analyze the research area of the university in detail: the most effective schools and scientific research units (inner and external – in conjunction with leading agribusiness organizations, research institutions of the Middle Urals, foreign universities) are distinguished. The results of scientific activities of the teaching staff of Urals State Agrarian University find expression in innovative designs, introduced in agricultural production in the Middle Urals, selection achievements of researchers and in the publication and patent activity. With as view to reflect the rapid scientific advances in the university operates Ural agricultural publishing house. It prints not only scientific and educational literature, but also a number of international scientific journals.

The university regularly hosts international scientific and practical conferences, videoconferences, round tables and scientific seminars with the participation of scientists from countries from near and far abroad.

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