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Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Role of strategic planning in the conditions of reforming of the budgetary sector of economy

Kot E.M., kandidat ekonomicheskih nauk, dotsent; Saburova L.V., aspirant Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo agrarnogo universiteta

Today economic planning is a major constituent in achieving financial balance and development of any enterprise. The history of planning is multifaceted and consistent, proper planning largely allows not only to reduce costs but also to effectively distribute the funds allocated by the state. In these conditions it is rational to appeal to that segment of the economy that is most sensitive to changes in scale of the country, where planning is the most necessary. It is agriculture. It itself has a number of distinctive features, but even more unique is a budgetary institution engaged in agricultural production. This institution is the Ural State Agricultural University, having in its structure the Educational and experimental farm, created with the purpose of the theoretical and practical training of students and other persons of educational institutions. The division is engaged in cultivation of vegetable crops, both open and closed ground. Before the establishment of the task is to create a balance between optimal range of research and profitability of crop production, and this balance requires careful planning, which will effectively distribute the allocated budget and extra-budgetary funds, maintaining optimal proportions. If the planning has already been carried out, the plan of the previous period is matched with its realization. The forecast for the next year will be done on the base of the results with the due regard to the requirements and goals of the new year. If the plan has not previously been conducted, it is necessary to do more intensive work and to forecast taking into account only the actual results. In UrGAU is developed system of economic planning, the main task of which is proper planning of production volumes and costs, as well as the analysis of the results of the last period used for a new production plan.


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