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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Improvement of the process of physical training under modern conditions of higher education

Grosheva L.F., dotsent; Sosnovskih D. S., starshiy prepodavatel Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo agrarnogo universiteta

Modern conditions of the labour market require new approaches to training of students of institutions of higher education who are capable of self realization with high level of efficiency under tough market conditions of intellectual competition. This work shows that insufficient physical qualification of the future specialist for carrying out all sets of professional work often results in limiting of use of such graduates or even in their incomplete work performance. This may lead to particular economic and moral expenses. A small number of those who exercise and do sports regularly results from lack of healthy lifestyle promotion, knowledge of harm of low motor activity under high mental and emotional overload, expedience of value oriented leisure activities of people, poor material and technical resources, etc. The authors recommend to apply deeper theoretical knowledge into the educational process even at the early stages of education. It’s necessary to teach students to master a set of physical by method of circular training taking individual characteristics of physical qualification into account. This allows to develop skills of the healthy and lifestyle and maintenance as well as physical performance.


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