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Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

The universal system of values as a symbol of development of a future civilization of the humanity

R. T. Ismagilov, kandidat ekonomicheskih nauk, dotsent Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo agrarnogo universiteta; A. M. Yumagulov, zhurnalist, Ufa

This article is a continuation of the ideas of the Declaration of the 1st of May, 2010 in Redstone (USA), «Leave us the future» as a vector of human development and a symbol of human civilization development based on the new values. This is an address to the people who have influence on state and planetary decisions to that can prevent environmental disasters, wars and revolutions through the change of the value system in every head and in the whole world. More and more people understand the necessity to move to another management system based on the philosophy, culture and education of indigenous peoples, who determine the right to the ancestral land, native language, freedom and administration. The young schoolchildren of the Ural settlement Ufa-Shigiri and wise representatives of the Ural indigenous peoples understand this; they think about the future of their settlements and people. As soon as our plans materialize, it will be calmer on our planet. The ancient Greek scientist Aristotle clearly distinguished Axios economy as an efficient management (the common advantage). The English concept of «value» refers to chrematistics and does not reflect the full depth of the philosophical concept of «value», which is studied within the framework of axiology as a branch of philosophy. Within the existing axiological traditions the science has failed to make recommendations and algorithms that could be applied for the examination of various development projects, for management of nature-oriented community, for upbringing and education under the conditions of the global problems. Applied axiology, as the basis of a new culture, which would be based on the main value – the nature and further would increase fractal, synergistically and harmoniously, expanding consciousness and responsibility of the individual from the local to the global. These are values of the Ural civilization based on the epic of the Bashkir people «Ural-Batyr»: I – family – nation – humanity. Below there are 33 stages of the development which any administrative workers should take into consideration during estimating different stages of the social system and particular people. This hierarchy gives the last, the 33th stage to money, which is the greatest value in the current system of management, and the first stage is given to the biosphere and an individual with his health, mental power and soul. Resetting of humanity to the algorithms of natural development should be done without wars and revolutions, through the creation of an intellectual network of humanity. During the XXI century the Earth civilization has come to such a limit of development, after which there will be total degradation. To avoid this, it is necessary for the humanity to treat itself as a single unity, for each person to treat himself as a part of this unity and be responsible for the whole world. This originating process of values transformation into science and everyday life of the Earth dwellers means the beginning of the construction of a new civilization on the planet Earth.


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