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Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Еconomic super-effect in the program of import substitution

A. I. Latysheva, kandidat ekonomicheskih nauk, dotsent Permskoy gosudarstvennoy selskohozyaystvennoy akademii im. akademika D. N. Pryanishnikova (g. Perm, ul. Petropavlovskaya, d. 23), A. I. Razumov, direktor OOO (MIP) «NELA» (g. Perm, ul. Krasnyh Zor, d.

This research work explores the issues of providing the population with food products, import substitution in terms of sanctions. The introduction of advanced technologies and creation of the innovative environment in the agro-food cluster in Perm region the key to success. Studied in detail the trends, directions and forms of development of the modern world economy. Shows a complex and contradictory process of integration, which contributes to the development of international associations. The World Trade Organization plays a huge role in the region to access the latest achievements on a planetary scale. But the functioning of the global economic system is a threat to economic security of the country. The modern economy leaves no illu-sions about free competition, equal economic conditions for all subjects of the world economy. Despite the attractiveness of various kinds of economic restrictions on the resolution of international conflicts, they are double-edged in nature. Thus, the introduction of trade and economic sanctions the emptiness that rush of domestic agricultural producers. The best traditions of enterprises in the use of innovative practices in import substitution initiatives activated. Modernizing regional innovation infrastructure, technoparks are formed. Special attention is paid to issues of cost and regulation in this period of crisis. Today the competition wins one who has more ideas, more energy, more creativity and freedom. The experience of the past century shows that the substitution of scarce resources leads to the obtaining of economic superfecta, when the cost was reduced, and product quality rural household purposes increased. One such example is the integrated poultry farm “Permskaya”, in which each stage of production process as efficient as possible at minimum cost. Only from the introduction of ozone technology has led to significant economic impact in 2007, 200 000 rub. The internal structure of the Russian economy shows good resilience, resistance and immunity to the effects of various factors


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