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Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

The woody plants in the decoration of parterre lawn

A. V. Abramchuk, kandidat biologicheskih nauk, dotsent kafedry rastenievodstva, M. YU. Karpuhin, kandidat selskohozyaystvennyh nauk, dotsent kafedry ovoschevodstva im N. F. Konyaeva, dekan fakulteta agrotehnologiy i zemleustroystva UrGAU

The lawns in the gardening settlements – one of the main components of major sanitary, architec-tural and artistic value. The lawn is a wonderful backdrop for the decorative portion woody plants. It is increases the tone color of trees and shrubs. His emerald green color emphasizes the diversity of plants. The need to use trees and shrubs in landscaping can not be overstated, as they are: optimizing the gas composition of the air; it improve the climate and create favorable conditions on the different territories. In addition, almost all representatives dendroflora have a healing effect, relieves stress and psycho-physical it take to the person with positive emotions. The aesthetic value of trees and shrubs also is very important. A variety of woody plants, different biological characteristics and decorative qualities, a contribute to a more full landscaping allow to give the landscape appeal designate its uniqueness. Many woody plants have a nice habit, the original color, shape, size of leaves, flowers and inflorescences, fruits, which makes them highly decorative. They look spectacular in the frame of the lawn. The landing on the lawns especially harmonious very decorative woody plants: the barberry, the Hydrangea paniculata, the dogwood, the Mahonia and others.


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