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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Demand and its main elements

E.S. Kulikova, kandidat ekonomicheskih nauk, dotsent, O.A. Ruschitskaya, kandidat ekonomicheskih nauk, dotsent UrGAU. Retsenzent: V.N. Lavrov, doktor ekonomicheskih nauk, professor UrGAU

One of the determining factors of consumer actions is the price. When forming the price policy, the company's management should understand the impact of the competitive structure of the market and set such prices on its goods in order to master the planned market share, ensure survival and get the intended profit. The ability of a retailer to make carefully thought – out purchases is the most important component of its successful activity. In addition, the management of retail enterprises need to own the art of markdown of slow sales. To reach consumers, retailers must decide on the methods of promotion. Effective prod-uct promotion provides a system of demand formation and sales promotion or a set of marketing communications.


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