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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka


V.S. Nagorskih, k.t.n., dotsent, L.A. Novopashin, k.t.n., dotsent, S.V. Balaba, aspirant UrGAU, A.V. Filippov, k.s-h.n., dotsent Uralskogo instituta GPS MCHS Rossii. Retsenzent: V.A. Timkin, k.t.n., dotsent UrGAU

Design and operational principle of the brake systems are similar for various vehicles. The main working element of the brake mechanisms is a working brake cylinder with sealing rubber cuffs. Both operating conditions and application severity have a negative influence on the condition of the standard brake cylinder cuffs. Their long-term contact with brake fluid leads to the softening and increased wear of the seals followed by the component failure. To solve this problem polyamide and polyurethane materials are examined as the seals in the working cylin-ders of brake mechanisms. These materials are well-proven as the sealing elements of power hy-draulic cylinders of lifting machines and mechanisms. Comparative tests carried out by both cal-culation and experimental methods showed that they have better physical and operational proper-ties than rubber. The properties of the sealing element were examined in two modes: static and dynamic. At static loading pressure was constant, while at dynamic mode it was alternating. Thus, during dynamic test the values of pressure drop were not significantly different from each other. But at static test polyamide and polyurethane seals showed better results compared to gen-erally available ones. Then the study of the influence of friction forces arising in the mating ele-ments, with and without lubrication, and with different values of the tension was made. This showed that the friction force increases in direct proportion to the value of the tension, the modu-lus of elasticity and decreases in direct proportion to the value of the friction coefficient. The analysis of the results showed that polyamide and polyurethane materials can be successfully used as their properties are the same as of rubber elements, and the service life is increased by 4-5 times. This will have a positive impact on the reliability and durability of this unit.


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