Международный научный журнал «Аграрное образование и наука»

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ISSN 2309-7671

Key title:
Agrarnoe obrazovanie i nauka

Abbreviated key title:
Agrar. obraz. nauka

Social technologies of work with young generations and the problems of development of science and humanitarian education in Russia

Nekrasov Stanislav Nikolaevich, d. f. n., professor Sosnovskih Daniil Sergeevich, st.prepodavatel Dzholiev Islam Mamedovich, st.prepodavatel Grosheva Lidiya Frantsevna, dotsent, Uralskiy gosudarstvennyy agrarnyy universitet

Today it is impossible to talk about some common universal humanitarian knowledge, since every society requires its own humanitarian knowledge. There is no common knowledge that would be adequate to the society and can fully describe the relationship in different societies. We are talking about the formation of a new line of human knowledge, which is not based on the Western model, but which builds on the classical Humanities. Social religion of Marxism, dialectical and historical materialism, Eurasianism, Chuchhe as an ideology is unique, because are not classical religions and mythologies and are consolidating jointly with the Humanities traditional society.


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